How to Manually update Micromax A116 Canvas HD to Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean

As we reported yesterday, the Android 4.2 update for Micromax A116 Canvas HD is now available via the company service centers.  However, if you don’t want to go to a service center and want to update the phone yourself, we have some good news for you.Micromax A116 Canvas HD

We now have got hold of the Android 4.2 firmware file for Micromax A116, using which you can easily update your A116 Canvas HD smartphone to Android 4.2.1.

Before you go any further, the usual disclaimers apply, if you haven’t done this before, you are better off visiting a service center and getting your phone updated by them. We are not responsible for any harm that might or might not come to your phone as a part of this update.

So, first you need to download the Android 4.2 update file for A116 fromthis link or this link. Make sure the whole 362MB file has been downloaded.

Now, download the flash tool from here and drivers from here.

  • Install the drivers
  • Unzip the flash tool and the firmware files to separate folders on your PC
  • Open flash_tool application from the folder where you have unzipped the flash tool.
  • Click on scatter-loading and select the scatter loading file from the unzipped firmware file.

Micromax A116 Canvas HD Jelly Bean update guide

  • Now, switch off your A116 Canvas HD and keep it switched off.
  • Then, go to options in the menu of flash tool and select USB mode.
  • After enabling USB mode, go to options again and go to DA Download All under the USB mode click on speed and then click High Speed.
  • Now, Go to the Firmware > Upgrade option, click on it then Flash tool will look for your phone.
  • NOW, connect your A116 Canvas HD (in switched off state) to your PC. The Flash Tool will start the flashing of your phone and this process can be seen by a colour progress bar present at the bottom of the Flash Tool.

Micromax A116 Canvas HD Jelly Bean update guide

  • A green ring will be displayed once the process is complete.

Micromax A116 Canvas HD Jelly Bean update guide

  • Disconnect your phone and remove the battery once and put it again
  • Now, switch on your phone and there will be a TP update your phone, do not touch the display during this update. Once finished, you are good to go.
  • Your phone is now running on Android 4.2.1. Enjoy. Do let us know about the experience in the comments section.

Also, help out other users in comments, who might be having problems with the update.

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  1. saravanan says:

    After updating the front camera is not working..plz tell me how to resolve it

  2. Rahmatullah Khan says:

    i am facing a problem while extracting the firmware file, unexpected error is occuring,

    could you please help me

  3. Favvara says:

    Successfully updated the phone with the provided instructions. I had a problem, like others, about the phone not getting connected. But I downloaded the latest version of the flash tool which solved the issue.

  4. Gurpreet says:

    Does this violate micromax warranty

  5. Chirag Sharma says:

    For those whose phone isnt getting detected ,download and install these drivers

    For those who get error 8200,use the latest version of SP flash tools instead of the one given on this website!

  6. Jay says:

    Same Probleme here as all are facing. Flash tool is just searching for phone but its that much fool that it can’t find my phone which is just 2 feet far from the computer, its (flash tool) realy damn. I think its fake…

  7. malik faizan says:

    Very good procidire …

    i am now using the new version andriod 4.2.1

    thanks a lot

  8. abi says:

    spflash tool isn’t detecting my phone
    pls heip!!!!!!!!!

  9. Zaid Kazi says:

    SP flash tool only keeps searching my phone but never actually start upgrading…
    please help

  10. Dinesh says:

    Flashing process is not working….? why?

  11. somrag says:

    Phone is not getting detected by flash tool. I have 3.13

  12. ummar says:

    hello all of u in the red color error get pls install the flash tool v3.13120 in this flash tool is usable for that red color error

  13. Nandu says:

    can phone is updated from this mathed without rooting

  14. Vikas Poonia says:

    did the phone get rooted after this process ??

  15. Chaitanya says:

    after the first 100% i.e in red colour an error flashed and i was unable to proceed.what to do?plz help

  16. MANOJ MATHEW says:

    i have a problem of getting this SPflash tool issues…..

  17. satvir says:

    This update file full download never complete, waste of time,,,,

  18. Jai says:

    Dear Admin,

    I am getting the error code 8200 while go through these steps. So I am not able to update my Canvas HD Cell. Kindly help me.


  19. dadu says:

    successfully updated. thanks a tonn.!!!!! follow simple procedure mentioned above and remember at the last when u insert the battery and the phone starts in tp updation mode dont touch the screen even dont press ok until it shows firmware upgraded successfully.

  20. Ajay Jadhav says:

    can flashing software help in getting rid of unwanted message(spams) fro like channel(50)

  21. noor says:

    If I press download what will happen.. please reply

  22. Tom joseph says:

    How can l get a help file to use the Micromax phone.