How To Transfer Files From Your Android Tablet To Computer Or Vice Versa

ransferring files to and from an Android tablet can be confusing for people who are new to this platform. This guide will show you how easy it is to transfer files, infact it is somewhat like plugging a USB thumb drive into your computer and copying files.

I am assuming you have a computer running Windows XP/Vista/7

You can transfer files to/from Android tablet using two easy methods:

1. Using a USB cable

2. Using your WiFi connection

Transferring files using USB cable.

If your Android tablet or phone has two mini USB ports labeled [HOST] and [OTG], plug the cable into the port named [Host], if your device has only one mini USB port then it can work both as a [HOST] and [OTG].

1. Go to Settings->Application->Development

There select the [Enable USB Debugging] option.

2. If your phone/tablet came with a driver disk install the driver from the CD ROM. If you did not get a driver disk, download the Android USB Drivers.

3. Extract the drivers you downloaded in to a folder.

4.Now, connect the device to your computer using the USB cable. The device should now be detected and Windows will ask for the drivers, if they are not already installed. Select install from  a specific location and browse to the folder where you have extracted the drivers from step 2. and select the android_winusb.inf file. Windows should now install the drivers.

5. Open Windows Explorer and you should see some removable drives listed from your phone or tablet. You can copy files to and from those drives.

If you can not see removable drives from your tablet or phone, make sure you are in USB HOST mode.


That is it. See it was not hard at all.

Transferring files using WiFi

This has got to be the easiest way to transfer files. There are quite a few apps that lets you copy files from your phone or tablet to your computer and vice versa over WiFi.. I am partial towards the Android Sync Manager WiFi, since this is what I am using for quite some time.

There are two parts of the app, one that is to be downloaded and installed in your tablet or phone and another that has to be installed in your computer.

1. Go to Android Market and Download “Android Sync Manager WiFi and install it.

2. Download Android Sync Manager to your PC and install it.

3. Now run the Android Sync Manager WiFi app on your phone or tablet. The main screen of the app looks like this


4. Click on the [Settings] button and you will land up on a screen that looks like this


5. Click on Pin Code and enter a code. This will be the password the app uses to connect to it’s counterpart that is installed on your computer.

6. Now come back to the main screen of the Android Sync Manager app. It will say that it is waiting for connection. See the screen shot of step 3.

7. Now open the Android Sync Manager WiFi, you installed in your computer and from the menu select Settings->Connection. A dialog box will open, asking you for the PIN, input the same PIN you entered in to your tablet/phone and click OK.


8. If you executed all the steps correctly, the Android Sync Manager app in your tablet or phone should say “Connected to Android Sync Manager”


9. This is what you will see on your PC after your tablet is connected.


10. Now you can easily transfer files from your tablet to your computer or from your computer to your tablet. You can also use this app to sync your phone/tablet to your phone, every time you connect them.

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